Wymiana młodzieży z Bułgarii

Program Młodzież Wymiana Młodzieży
Opis: Młodzieżowa organizacja z Bułgarii poszukuje grupy młodzieży w wieku 15-19 lat do projektu wymiany pt. „Razem w zjednoczonej Europie”.
Gdzie: Pazardjik (Bułgaria)
Kiedy: grudzień 2006
Kontakt: Haralan Genov
E-mail: scout_pz@abv.bg
Więcej informacji poniżej:
Haralan Genov – the leader of a youth organization from Pazardjik –Bulgaria, is accosting to You. We are looking for partners for participation in a common youth project from program “Youth” ,in the direction of –youth pastime and sport. The project had been accepted and it have to be realized in month December (this year). I am putting forward to your attention the conditions for the project’s implementation. The point of the project is to improve the collaboration and communication of the youth in Europe , to make them acquainted with the culture and tr aditions of another nations. 1. Duration- 10 days / 9 and nights/ 2. Place for implementation: – 1st stage -4 days in Velingrad – a resort ,situated at a height of 750 meters and in a 50-kilometer distance from Pazardjik. Accommodation in a hotel. -2nd stage – 3 days in Pazardjik- a regional and an administrative center .Accommodation in a hotel. -3rd stage -2 days around the natural sights of the Rila and Pirin mountains. Accommodation in a hotel. 3. Participants in the project -47 people. Host – 21 boys and girls /15 -19/ years of age + 2 leaders +a doctor; Partnеrs – 21 boys and girls /15-19 / years of age +2 leaders, 4.Theme of the project : “Together in united Europe” 5.Activities: youth entertainment, sport 6.The concrete program of the project is going to be discussed with you if we receive a specified agreement for participation from your side. 7.Financial conditions: The host-country assumes all expenses of accommodation /a hotel/ , foo d, transport within the country and the necessary means for project’s implementation. • The partner-country has to assume the transport expenses to Bulgaria / Sofia / and vice versa. 8.Beginning of the project: The financial means are provided and the project can begin. Our wish is for an earlier beginning, till the weather is nice. We are looking forward your suggestion for the beginning of the project. In the presence of agreement for participation in the common project, please send us information about Your organization : activities, place, membership.

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